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Who We Are

Valuers Inc. is actually the husband-and-wife team of Stephen and Brenda Rosenberg.  Stephen has a B. A. [Wits] and M. A. [London], and has been carrying out valuations since 2005.  He is assisted by his Brenda who holds an H.Dip.Ed.

Stephen and Brenda Rosenberg

Stephen is, in his own right, an approved specialist valuer for major broker C I B; Valuers Inc. works independently in the valuation of Antique Furniture; Art; Binoculars, Cameras, Firearms and Watches; Carpets and Rugs; Ceramics and Glassware; General Household and General Office Furniture and Furnishings; Silver and Silver Plate. We work with certain associates who are experienced and reliable valuers of Jewellery and others, sworn appraisers with the R I C S qualification carry out the valuation of Land and Buildings.

These valuations can be expressed in Estimated New Replacement Values for insurance purposes, or in Estimated Current Commercial Value for estate or distribution purposes.

Valuations are carried out on site anywhere in Southern Africa. Our illustrated reports are accepted as bona fide documents by all major insurance companies, and also serve as a comprehensive catalogue of the valuable possessions.

We have worked for insurance brokers, risk assessors, accountants, auditors and attorneys, as well as for high wealth private individuals, industrial and commercial enterprises, hotels, restaurants, and game lodges.



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